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The industrial Rehabilitation Program

The industrial Rehabilitation program at Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center (PTSMC) is unlike other programs in that it is built on a three-pillar concept. The three pillars are: The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), Pain Management and Work Conditioning/ Work Hardening.

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A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is the gateway through which the injured worker enters on the way to returning to work as quickly as possible. It provides the evaluator with information concerning the patient’s accident, diagnostic and previous treatment history; it also informs the evaluator about musculoskeletal and functional deficiencies. To accomplish these goals, it uses a series of comprehensive functional tests that objectively measure the injured worker’s physical abilities and physical demand work level. The FCE is an important tool used to assist employers, physicians, insurance companies, attorneys, case managers and vocational consultants to determine safe, functional levels for an individual’s course of treatment prior to either return to work or to establish disability.

The Pain management Program (PMP). The foundational principle upon which our pain management program stands, supported by volumes of research, is that “pain limits function”. A good FCE will assist the evaluator to identify the cause and source of the patient’s pain and resolve the pain. Is it neurological and would traction work to address the problem? Is it myofascial, and is dry needling the best course of action? At PTSMC, we seek to resolve the prevailing pain, strengthen the injured worker, then provide the skills and tolerance to perform their pre-injury job.

Work Conditioning at PTSMC is seen as an element of work hardening, in that the goals are the same except that the utilization of work simulation activities to restore physical, behavioral and vocational functions is not employed. It is a goal-oriented treatment program designed to restore an individual’s systemic neuromusculoskeletal (strength, endurance, movement, flexibility, and motor control) and cardiopulmonary functions.

Work Hardening at PTSMC seeks to achieve the same goals as work conditioning along with those of work hardening through a highly structured, goal-oriented, individualized intervention program designed to return the injured worker to work. It utilizes real or simulated work activities designed to restore physical, behavioral and vocational functions.

Delivery & Truck Drivers
Construction Workers

This program is recommended for the following:

All Work-related Injuries
Safety/Fire/ Rescue Professionals
Warehouse Workers
Postman/ Mail handlers
Delivery & Truck Drivers
Construction Workers

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