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Physical Therapy and Chiropractors

Physical Therapy and Chiropractors

By: Megan Enright: Digital Marketing Specialist

Many people think physical therapists and chiropractors are the same and that is incorrect. Although both typically address impairments and symptoms in the Musculoskeletal system, there is a difference in the approach and the length of intervention may vary. As defined by Merriam Webster Chiropractors are licensed healthcare professionals who treat disorders (such as back and neck pain) chiefly of the musculoskeletal system, especially through the manual adjustment or manipulation of the spinal vertebrae to correct the nervous system.

Treatments Include:

According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Physical Therapy is therapy for the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function impaired or threatened by disease, injury, or disability that utilizes therapeutic exercise, physical modalities (such as massage and electrotherapy), assistive devices, and patient education and training. Physical Therapy aims at empowering the patient to perform exercises to improve the stability and mobility of the respective body part in addition to ergonomics, and patient education and may use adjuncts such as mobilization, manipulation, or soft tissue massage to further improve the recovery of the patient.

Treatments Include:

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