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Do you know what time it is? It’s Testimonial Tuesday time!

Our Physical Therapists not only help with your physical therapy needs, but they provide you with a life-changing recovery. One patient at our Glen Burnie office suffered many injuries in the past and was looking for a physical therapy place to help him recover. He describes his experience at PTSMC, as “icing on the cake.” He noted how the physical therapy here gave him his life back. The man has been a patient here since March 2020 and exclaimed how lucky he feels that he received help from our providers. He loves how his Physical Therapist, Rommer Dizon, is understanding, explains the exercises in a caring way, and is very knowledgeable. He loves how Rommer pushes him, but in a way where he feels he isn’t hurting himself.

There are a variety of exercises, the patient does both at physical therapy and at home, including biking, crunches, pull-ups, and cone exercises. Additionally, Rommer provides him with heat packs, a type of modality to help ease the pain. In relation to the ongoing pandemic, he reported feeling safe and feels like our staff follows all CDC guidelines.

This patient thanks the entire staff at our Glen Burnie location for giving him confidence both mentally and physically and for an amazing physical therapy experience. He says this is the most professional, knowledgeable establishment he’s ever been to.
Do you want the same wonderful physical therapy experience as this patient? Make an appointment TODAY!

“Check out a testimonial given by one of our patients, Trevor!!

I started receiving treatment at PTSMC in December 2020, for my neck and back. This is the second series of treatments in the last four years I received treatment from Dr. Irfan and her team. Dr. Irfan and her team have been wonderful and the facility is cheerful and relaxing. It is obvious after each visit that her team is caring and dedicated. The treatment I have received has tremendously improved the quality of my life.

Dr. Irfan and her team encouraged and motivated me at each visit, where I participated in numerous exercises, lasting approximately an hour each visit, twice a week. I continue to perform these exercises at home and continue to get relief.

I had concerns prior to my first visit in December regarding the measures the clinic would take for COVID-19, but I was thrilled to see that the clinic is well-ventilated and COVID-19 standards are strictly enforced. I noticed that there were limited numbers of patients being treated during the hour I received treatment.

Once again, I have to commend Dr. Irfan and her team and the entire staff for their courteous and pleasant demeanor, as well as for the excellent care they have provided to me.”

"They make you comfortable by making you feel at home. When you're relaxing the exercises are easier to get thru even when they hurt. Curtis works with me after my exercises when I'm loosening up some to help my muscles relax more and to find the trouble spots that need attention. Can't leave out my doctor we call by his first name Gordon. He's wonderful." - Hattie Jean B.

"Good people, great support, great improvement!" - Susan B.

"Very knowledgeable and friendly! Google Maps takes people to the wrong parking lot around the corner. FYI, the right parking area is right off Georgia Ave. (you cannot park in the one that Google Maps takes you to)." - Monica D.

"Dr. Mosaddegh was extremely helpful in explaining and treating my knee issues, especially giving me animated home exercises. Staff and follow-up care were excellent. Highly recommend this establishment." - David Y.

"I came in pain I thought might never end. Within weeks, Dr. Wang and his team had me back on my feet, stronger, stretched out, and pain-free. And they gave me the tools to maintain my momentum." - Gary W.

"My physical Therapy started three months ago for a sore neck with Dr. Patience Nduka. I found Dr. Patience a very knowledgeable physical therapist who identified issues and prescribed a treatment plan specifically for my needs. She made sure I understood the exercises and how they would help me. The Bowie location was convenient with a professional, friendly, and comfortable environment. The other team members Billie, Brandie, and Shay also helped make this an enjoyable experience." - Kerry P.

"Great team!! When I arrived, I was in so much pain when sitting, and driving. After therapy, I'm doing fantastic, with no pain. Dr. Nduka, Billy, Brandi, Jessy, and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They make each session enjoyable. I highly recommend this team for your rehabilitation." - Reginald H.

"A small facility with excellent personalized attention. Highly recommend their services" - Patsy P.

"The staff in Riverdale physical therapy was very attentive, and friendly, they treat you like family. I will recommend everyone to Riverdale. Out of a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 10 plus. Thanks, a lot for the therapy on my foot I needed it after my surgery. I'm glad my mother told me to visit the center because she also loves you guys. Keep doing the wonderful

"Altamente recomendables, Rommer muy profesional y me ayudó muchísimo en mi recuperación, si necesita ayuda en español es el lugar correcto. Thank you guy’s!!" - Claudia H.


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