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Pelvic Floor Disorder

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Pelvic floor disorder (PFD) is a common condition where you are not able to relax or contract the muscles of your pelvic floor well to urinate or have bowel movement due to spasm, tightness and/or weakness of the muscles and connective tissues of your pelvic floor. One in every four women, and one in every eight men have at least one form of pelvic floor disorder in United States!

Symptoms of PFD include constipation, urine or stool leakage, and frequent need to urinate. Other symptoms include chronic low back pain, pain during intercourse (for women), and erectile dysfunction (for men). Medical conditions such as pelvic inflammatory diseases, and prostatitis can cause pelvic floor disorder in women and men respectively. Pelvic floor muscles, just like other muscles of the body need to be exercised to keep the tone. Any condition that weakens the muscles and connective tissues of the pelvic floor, such as childbirth (for women) and aging (for both men and women) may lead to pelvic floor disorder, and even organ prolapse, if treatment is delayed.

These conditions do not resolve on their own if not treated. If you are suffering from one or a combination of these symptoms, please, contact your physical therapist and/or gynecologist for help. You can also contact your primary care physician/provider who can refer you to a trained physical therapist and/or gynecologist who are able to help improve your quality of life.

At Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center, our DPT Patience Nduka in our Greenbelt office offers pelvic floor physical therapy. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms, give us a call today, and we will be happy to help improve your quality of life.